Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Backpack Gear List

Several people have been asking for a copy of my backpacking gear list so here it is.

Boots:  Lowa Tibet GTX (early season)

            Lowa Hunter GTX Extreme (late season)


Backpack:       Mystery Ranch Kodiak 7,000

                        Pack cover


Pants:  Arc'teryx Gamma Rock Pant or similar (early season) 2 pair

            Arc'teryx AR Pant or similar (late Season) 1 pair

            Gore-Tex rain pants


Tops:   short-sleeve (I like bamboo or polyester with silver to keep scent down) x2

            long -sleeve (I like merino wool) x1

            X-Bionic Long-sleeve Accumulator shirt x1

            MEC windproof long-sleeve shirt (this is discontinued but awesome)

            Wind-proof fleece jacket

            Light-weight down jacket     

            Gore-Tex Rain Jacket


Other Clothing:           Wool finger mitts x2

                                    Gore-Tex over mitts

                                    OR Crocodiles Gaiters

                                    2 pair Smart Wool socks

                                    2 pair synthetic boxer shorts (Currently using Mark's brand)

                                    Down camp slippers   

                                    Wading shoes (if lots of stream crossings)

                                    Wool toque

                                    Neck Gaiter (late season)

                                    Synthetic long underwear bottoms (late season)


Tent:    MSR Carbon Extreme 2 (early season or solo trips. Great one person option but not for     two people)

            Hilleberg NAMMATJ3 GT (At 8 pounds this tent is heavy but is ideal for late season. It   sleeps two very comfortable and vestibule can be used for cooking and eating.)

            Siltarp 1 for emergency shelter


Sleeping Bag:  Western Mountaineering UltraLite -8 rating (early season)

                        Integral Design -20 (late season) Sadly this bag is discontinued


Mattress:         Thermarest ProLite


Optics:             Zeiss 15-56x65 Spotting Scope

                        Zeiss 10x42 Binos with integrated Rangefinder with S4 bino harness

                        Tines Up camera with spotting scope adaptor and extra battery

                        Cannon X10A Video camera with 4 batteries

                        Sony RX100 point and shoot camera and extra battery

                        Traxx tripod with Joby ball head with pan lock

                        Zeiss pre-moistened cleaning cloths


Rifle:   Rocky Mountain Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor

            Zeiss 3-15x42 Conquest HD5 with Rapid Z 800      

            20-30 rounds ammo


Miscellaneous: Petzl headlamp and spare batteries

                        Puma Ranger 20 Knife

                        Scalpel handle and 10 #10 blades

                        5 EZE towels

                        1-2 pounds fine salt

                        Iridium Satellite phone and spare battery

                        two Bic lighters and fire starter

                        two Black Diamond carbon hiking poles

                        six small tent pegs for SilTarp

                        50' parachute cord

                        2 game bags

                        2 garbage bags

                        1-2 rolls toilet paper

                        basic first aid kit

                        one-litre Nalgene bottle

                        head net for bugs

                        4 Freeze Zip Loc bags

                        GPS (optional)

                        SPOT (optional)


Cooking and Food:     MSR Firefly stove

                                    Titanium Pot

                                    Long handle spoon

                                    4 litre MSR water bladder

                                    one can of fuel per four days for two people

                                    small cup (for coffee and oatmeal)


                                    One Mountain House meal per day (Dinner)

                                    Cliff bar, chocolate bar, trail mix, jerky (lunch)

                                    Instant oatmeal or breakfast bars (breakfast)

                                    Fruit bars

                                    Starbucks Via coffee

                                    Crystal Lite

                                    Sharkies (energy snack)

                                    Electrolyte tablets

                                    Protein Powder

                                    Tea bags

                                    Emergen C packets



Personal Items:            Toothbrush and paste

                                    Deodorant (my one luxury)

                                    Baby wipes


                                    Lip Balm

                                    Mosquito Repellant (optional)           

                                    Reading Glasses

                                    Paperback book (optional)


                                    Backpacker Towel (optional)


I separate gear and clothes in nylon stuff sacks

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